CACICOL20® is a new technology in the field of regenerative medicine discovered by the French academic research (University – CNRS).

CACICOL20® improves the quality of eye repair by protecting the matrix microenvironment.

It also improves the patient’s comfort by :

  -   soothing the pain,

  -   being easy to use and provoking no discomfort whatsoever,

  -   being well tolerated,

  -   being non-toxic.

CACICOL20® belongs to the family of ReGeneraTing Agents RGTA® which are engineered biodegradable sugar-based polymers.

CACICOL20® is a medical device that has obtained the CE marking. It is a sterile solution designed for the healing of chronic corneal ulcers and corneal dystrophies.

CACICOL20® protects the protein components of the matrix from the inside. It restores the matrix architecture, and preserves the natural microenvironment of the cell and the endogenous factors that promote tissue regeneration.





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