A New Matrix Therapy Agent for Faster Corneal Healing and Less Ocular Discomfort Following Epi-off Accelerated Corneal Cross-linking in Progressive Keratoconus
Gumus K., Guerra M.G., de Melo Marques S.H., Karaküçük S., Barritault D.




To investigate the hypothesis that a new matrix therapy agent (ReGeneraTing Agent, [RGTA]) would speed up the corneal reepithelialization, improve stromal healing, and reduce ocular symptoms after epi-off corneal cross-linking (CXL).


Sixty eyes of 60 patients with progressive keratoconus were enrolled in the study. Epi-off accelerated CXL was performed in all patients. Sixty eyes were randomized into two groups according to use of RGTA eye drops prior to contact lens fitting at the end. Identical medical agents were started postoperatively for the two groups. All participants were monitored on 3 consecutive days after the CXL. Ocular pain, burning, stinging, tearing, photophobia, conjunctival hyperemia, and corneal healing status were evaluated.


By day 2, 25 eyes (83.3%) with RGTA revealed complete healing compared to 4 eyes (13.3%) that revealed complete healing in the control group (P < .001). All eyes had complete corneal epithelial defect closure by day 3 in both groups. Ocular pain scores were lower in the RGTA group on days 0, 1, and 2 (all P < .05). Burning scores were lower on days 1 and 2; stinging scores on days 2 and 3; tearing scores on days 2 and 3; and photophobia on days 1 and 2 (P < .05) in the RGTA group compared to the control group.


RGTA ophthalmic solution facilitates corneal healing by reconstructing the extracellular matrix in the wound area, leading to an earlier relief of symptoms for patients [J Refract Surg. 2017;33(3):163-170.].