Our vision

We are driven by a conviction: the only scientific research that matters is the one which brings tangible benefits to society.

Therefore, we strive to bring the promise of tissue regeneration into reality by transforming our RGTA® expertise into efficient, safe and widely adopted solutions.

Recherche en biotechologie
Science for Regeneration

Our roots

As a French biotech company, we are developing products for tissue regeneration utilizing matrix therapy to improve the life of patients who suffer dermatological or neurological disorders.

Our history

OTR3 was founded by two well-known biologists: Pr. Denis Barritault and Pr. Jean-Pierre Caruelle.

Thanks to their pioneering work on growth factors (FGF, HARP/PTN discovery) and medical and industrial long-term vision, they invented and patented the RGTA® or ReGeneraTing Agents technology, a new therapeutic class based on heparan sulfate mimetics.

Our executive committee

OTR3’s executive committee is constituted of members with rich and complementary experiences including academic and medical backgrounds in both pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Pr. Denis Barritault

Pr. Denis Barritault


Frédéric Sedel

Frédéric Sedel

General Manager & Chief Medical Officer

Agnès Chopin

Agnès Choppin

Chief Scientific Officer

Laurent Pinchard

Laurent Pinchard

Chief Operating Officer

Florent Pascal

Florent Pascal

Chief Business Transformation & Support Officer

Steering committee

Our steering committee, consisting of renowned professionals, advices OTR3’s team on scientific, strategic and business issues.

  • Pr Dulce Papy
    Director Gly-CRRET (U-PEC Laboratory)

  • Alain Rousseau
    CEO of Arteion

  • Yannick Pletan
    Fomer Chief Medical Officer of major pharmas and Medical Consultant

  • Dr Catherine Cart-Gres
    Chief Medical Officer, SOM Biotech

  • Nicolas Willard
    Facctum EMEA Business Development Director

  • Gérard Libercier
    Senior VP Aventis – Integration Officer Sanofi-Aventis and Consultant

  • Catherine Mantel
    VP business development SCALE and Terrawatt Initiative

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