Dermapliq® is a skin hygiene product for animals. It is designed for animal skin lesions and is recommended for use on cats, dogs, sport and race horses as well as exotic animals.

Dermapliq, produit vétérinaire

Additional information from Dermapliq®

It belongs to the family of regenerating agents (RGTA®), made up of polymers synthesized from biodegradable sugars.

  • Sterile solution for external use.
  • Easy to use.
  • Box containing a 7.5 ml bottle: about 50 sprays.
  • Pump 3K® guaranteeing sterility for 6 months
  • Preservative free.

Dermapliq® is a therapeutic product based on RGTA® technology.
Dermapliq® protects extracellular matrix proteins to restore the matrix architecture. It preserves the natural cellular micro-environment of the wound and the endogenous factors necessary for tissue regeneration.

The formulation is based on an RGTA® in physiological serum to facilitate wound healing in animals.


Below is a selection of clinical publications on our product.

  • Cacipliq 20

    Cacipliq 20® - Ischemic wound First Clinical Pilot Study on critical ischemic leg ulcers with Matrix Therapy ReGeneraTing Agent (RGTA ® ) technology P. DESGRANGES, T. LOUISSAINT, E. ALLAIRE, B. GODEAU, K. KICHENIN, J.- P. BECQUEMIN, D. BARRITAULT Patients with non-healing leg ulcers due to severe limb ischemia and [...]

  • Cacipliq 20

    Cacipliq 20® - Chronic wound Regenerating matrix-based therapy for chronic wound healing: a prospective within-subject pilot study Groah SL, Libin A, Spungen M, Nguyen KL, Woods E, Nabili M, Ramella-Roman J, Barritault D. The aim of this study was to determine whether a skin-specific bioengineered regenerating agent (RGTA) heparan [...]

  • Cacipliq 20

    Cacipliq 20® - Post radiation Unexpected healing of radiation-induced scalp lesions with OTR4120, an heparan sulfate mimetic Johan W VAN NECK ,Yolinde S. ZUIDEMA, Marijke SMULDERS, Kurt J. BALMUS Link : Here

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