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  • OTR3 is proud to share a recent publication in the “Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum” from the Oxford University Press concerning “a retrospective self-controlled study evaluating the Prophylactic Effects of our Medical Device Cacipliq 20 on Postsurgical scars.” Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum (ASJOF) is an international award-winning, peer-reviewed, [...]

    11 April 2023

  • OTR3 announces first patient enrollment in its pivotal study “MATRISCAR”, a double blind placebo-controlled study aimed at demonstrating the effects of CACIPLIQ20 on Post-surgical Scars

    26 January 2023

  • Isabelle Barbosa, Christophe Morin, Stephanie Garcia, Arlette Duchesnay, Mustapha Oudghir, Guido Jenniskens, Hua-Quan Miao, Scott Guimond, Gilles Carpentier, José Cebrian, Jean-Pierre Caruelle, Toin van Kuppevelt, Jeremy Turnbull, Isabelle Martelly, Dulce Papy-Garcia Abstract Crucial events in myogenesis rely on the highly regulated spatiotemporal distribution of cell surface heparan sulfate proteoglycans to [...]

    31 May 2022

  • Ahmed M Bata, Katarzyna J Witkowska, Piotr A Wozniak, Klemens Fondi, Gerald Schmidinger, Niklas Pircher, Stephan Szegedi, Valentin Aranha Dos Santos, Anca Pantalon, René M Werkmeister, Gerhard Garhofer, Leopold Schmetterer, Doreen Schmidl Abstract Importance: Corneal abrasions are frequent after standard (epithelium-off [epi-off]) corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL) in patients with progressive [...]

    31 May 2022

  • P Desgranges, C Barbaud, J P Caruelle, D Barritault, J Gautron Abstract schemia and denervation of EDL muscle of adult rat induce a large central zone of degeneration surrounded by a thin zone of peripheral surviving muscle fibers. Muscle regeneration is a complex phenomenon in which many agents interact, such [...]

    31 May 2022

  • Q Escartin, C Lallam-Laroye, B Baroukh, F O Morvan, J P Caruelle, G Godeau, D Barritault, J L Saffar Abstract Periodontitis are diseases of the supportive tissues of the teeth provoked by bacteria and characterized by gingival inflammation and bone destruction. We have developed a new strategy to repair tissues [...]

    31 May 2022